Spherical Projection

Endpoint: https://studiobitonti.appspot.com/sphericalProjection

The spherical projection function works by wraps a given mesh with a sphere either partially or whole in order to create a clean base surface from the input. The target and resolution can basic inputs required, whereas advance inputs include defining a center, and axis for the projection. This projection is made using a spherical base.


Target: The uploaded .Obj target to be projected on.
Resolution: Is the number cells in U and V direction.
File Name:  Name of the resultant file for the surface lattice.


Center: 3D coordinate of projection center, by default [0,0,0].
Range: [ [ min_U , maxU ] , [ min_V , maxV ] ] by default [[0,1],[0,1]]
Start Direction: the direction where projection starts, by default [1,0,0]
Rotate_axis: the axis that sphere evolve around, by default [0,0,1].


A list of result files in storage.


Input:   Head.Obj

Input: Head.Obj


genysis.sphericalProjection('target.obj', resolution, 'output.obj', token, center='', range='', startDir='', rotationAxis='')
Result:   Projected mesh in black, input mesh in gray.

Result: Projected mesh in black, input mesh in gray.

Result:   Projected mesh.

Result: Projected mesh.

Francis Bitonti