Conformal Grid


The conformal grid function generates a grid structure inside a given volume defined by four surfaces. The difference between a conformal and adaptive grid is that the interior units of the conformal grid are shaped based on the boundary surfaces of the volume.


U: Input the number of grid cells in u direction.
V: Input number of grid cells in v direction.
W: Input number of grid cells in w direction.
Top: Name of uploaded .stp file
Bot: Name of uploaded .stp file (opposite of the Top Surface)
Side1: Name of uploaded .stp file
Side2: Name of uploaded .stp file
Filename: Name of the resultant .obj file for the lattice unit.


Direct Output: The input of true or false, defines whether to send content of result file directly instead of its storage location.
Unitize: The input of true or false,defines whether to redivide the surface in unitized way.


-sets the dimensions of the conformal lattice

.setSurfaces(top=‘top.igs’, bot=‘bot.igs’, side1=‘side1.igs’, side2=‘side2.igs’):
-Assign the four surfaces that must create a closed volume to the object

-Sets the output file name of the conformal grid that is created by the .genGrid() method

-Generates the grid needed to populate the final lattice


A list of result file in storage.

Input Surface File Format

To create a conformed volume lattice, the 4 untrimmed surfaces that create a closed volume are needed. If the surfaces are closed, the seam of the surfaces must match.

Input:     Surfaces

Input: Surfaces

To upload surfaces, use the genysis.upload(inputFile,outputName,token) function. Once the files are uploaded, use the .setSurfaces() method to add the surfaces to your conformal lattice object.

lattice = genysis.conformalLattice()

genysis.upload("EXPORTS/handleBot.igs", "handleBot.igs", token)
genysis.upload("EXPORTS/handleTop.igs", "handleTop.igs", token)
genysis.upload("EXPORTS/handleSide01.igs", "handleSide01.igs", token)
genysis.upload("EXPORTS/handleSide02.igs", "handleSide02.igs", token)

lattice.setSurfaces(top='handleTop.igs', bottom='handleBot.igs', side1='handleSide01.igs', side2='handleSide02.igs')

Once the surfaces are assigned to your conformal lattice object you must declare the dimensions of the resulting lattice in U, V and W directions using the .setDim() method and the resulting grid output.



Visualizing the grid you should see something like the screen shot below.

Francis Bitonti